Lieutenant Colonel Skinner embarks on a risky rescue mission, after enemy forces blind him and take his girlfriend. You play as Skinner, learning to navigate a once-bright world using only sounds and your past experience as a total badass.

NOTE:  Version 1 level  progression is broken, this has been fixed in version 2 & 3

WebGL Note: The microphone input mechanic is disabled for the webgl version because unity lacks Microphone input for webgl builds.

Bugfixes from v1 to v3:

  • Fix credits panel on main menu.
  • Fix reload sounds not playing.
  • Fix ammo pickup sounds not playing.
  • Fix issue causing reloading with no spare ammo to give errors.
  • Fix mouse cursor not being enabled/disabled correctly at times.
  • Fix issue with progression text sometimes getting stuck mid progression.
  • Fix issue with "Resume" in the pause menu being unselectable.
  • Fix issue with introduction level preventing progression to the next level.

Most of the fixed issues above were originally finished before first release but a merge conflict messed some stuff up last second.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Made withUnity


Download 63 MB
Download 63 MB
Download 63 MB
Download 64 MB


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